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About Me




Hey Beautiful

It’s Petra here,

I was born in July 1967, making me 50+…
Changing my own fashion style recently, inspired me to start this blog. I am so thrilled and thankful that you have found your way to my  Fashion Blog for Women Over 50 and all ages really, and I hope to inspire you with my Trendy Styling Tips for the 50 Plus Woman, my Favorite Outfit Looks and Accessories, Gift Guides and so much more to come. 

I am by no means a fashion expert, I have just always loved Fashion Trends and Modern Styles inspired by chic & classy French and Italian Women, it’s a passion for fashion as they say.

I graduated in  Fashion Design & Clothing Production way back in the 80’s. Once upon a time I also did fashion catalogue modeling and I have always had an obsession with fashion, the fashion world has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. 

Upon turning 50 I felt such a change within my attitude towards people and things as well as my personality and my styling changed too, I now love capsule wardrobes which I accentuate with accessories. obsessed with accessories. It saves money and never gets boring.  

I realized it was time to update my wardrobe, to spend more time looking after myself and do the things I love. With my Fashion Blog for Women Over 50 I hope to inspire many women over 50 with ageless trend looks and fashion styles older women love wearing.

I am also an educated Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Coach and I might just grow this blog with health and beauty topics, we’ll see.

Growing up in South Africa, I now live near Vienna in the heart of Europe, 
happily married to my second husband.

English is not my first language, so please forgive the grammar.

Thanks for your support Babes, have a magical day